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DMS "Blue Rockers" Junior Group Page

Welcome! As of June 8, 2015, we have revamped our Junior Members Program. Now known as the "DMS Blue Rockers!", our new Junior Chair, Mary Ann Levan, has setup a series of educational advancement contained in  the 'Future Rockhounds of America' Program through the American Federation of Mineralogical and Societies. Specialty age-appropriate fieldtrips will be part of the program. In fact, we just held our first trip on August 4, 2015 to collect fossils at Big Brook, NJ! What fun that was!

We will hold monthly Saturday meetings, usually two hours in length, from 1-3pm. All children and their parents are welcome to see what we are about and join us. Membership is open to all who are interested.

Printable Membership From (.pdf)

"The new DMS youth rock hounding club, the Blue Rockers, have a home at the Delaware Museum of Natural History (DMNH)

Events 2017

We have been holding meetings designed for the youth members for some time now. These meetings will be on Saturdays from 1 to 3 pm at DMNH (see fall schedule below). The Blue Rocker meetings will be full of fun learning activities designed so our young members can work toward earning badges in the Future Rock Hounds of America program

Meetings will be run by Mary Ann Levan, Junior Program Chair- assisted by other DMS members. Mary Ann is trained as a scientist and an educator, and has experience teaching in a Montessori school, working as a cub scout leader for over 10 years, and is now employed by the Delaware Nature Society (DNS) as an outdoor educator. She has run “Mining and Minerals” summer camps for DNS, and also helped design geology programs to meet the third grade public school curriculum standards. Combining this experience with the interest and knowledge of “all things rock, mineral and fossil” of the DMS club as a whole, this program has a lot to offer to our young members.

The Blue Rocker meetings are in addition to the usual DMS club meetings. DMS club meetings are on the second Monday of the month; Blue Rocker meetings are on the Saturday just before these Monday meetings. Of course, all youth members are always welcome at the Monday meetings, too.

Blue Rockers Events Calendar

Tom Pankratz organizes almost all of our field trips. If you are interested in any of these, please email him and cc: me. (Tom), (Mary Ann)

Saturday September 9, 1-3  Blue Rockers: clay as a stone age earth material; rocks and minerals used for stone age tools

Monday September 11, 6:30 – 9 General Club Meeting

Saturday October 7, 1-3 Blue Rockers: stone age art with natural pigments

Monday October 9, 6:30 – 9 General Club Meeting

Saturday November 11, 1-3 Blue Rockers

Monday November 13, 5:00 – 8:00 Blue Rockers host club meeting, supper and station-based stone age tools and art workshop

I will need youth commitments to prepare for and “work” the November 13 Monday evening meeting, as well as adult helpers.

Monday evening,  November 13, 2017:

My big, exciting plan is to dig deeper into the Stone Age Tools and Art theme that some of you were able to work on with Dan Coates this summer. I have offered up our Blue Rocker group to “host” the November “big” club meeting on Monday evening, November 13.

I persuaded Bill Stephens to give us this slot in his meeting calendar, promising that you as a group can do a dynamite show and do station-based meeting where the adult members get to sit down and work with you on projects that involve stone age art and earth materials. In return, Bill and Teddi agreed that the meeting will have to start earlier (5:30), end earlier (7:30) and provide food!
For all of this, I hope to see some of you consistently at all the Saturday meetings you can make.  I have secured some clay from a pit in Perryville, MD for us to work with and also some various natural pigments to mix with natural media (glue/oil/fat) to do some stone age pictographs. I envision you all as a group learning about Native Americans and natural materials and then hosting a station at the meeting in November for the general membership!
Hope to see you at any or all of the fall Blue Rocker meetings.  We will all accomplish the Stone Age Tools and Art badge and do at least some work on the Communications and Leadership badges.
keep rockin’
Mary Ann

Other Youth Opportunities

Thanks to our field trip leader, Tom Pankratz, youth members should keep an eye on the field trip schedule for family-friendly outings. Our field trip calendar is full, and Tom keeps families in mind to make sure there are trips for people of all ages.

This is true of our Monday evening general club meetings, too. Put the May 8 meeting on your calendars- Dr. Ken Lacovara of Rowan University’s Fossil Park in New Jersey will be talking about Dreadnoughtus and other dinosaurs from Patagonia.

Fossil Badge

State fossil Write Up: A requirement for the fossil badge. To earn the Blue Rocker Fossil Badge, an optional requirement is to do a short report on your state fossil for the club newsletter. Our youth group has members from states outside of Delaware! This report on the Pennsylvania state fossil was done by youth member William Donnelley.

The Pennsylvania State Fossil- Phacops rana
by William Donnelley
My state fossil is Phacops rana, a type of trilobite. It is different from most trilobites as it has eyes that are more rounded than flat as most other trilobites’eyes are. The eyes are also able to swivel, giving the arthropod an almost 360 degree view. It is also able to roll into a ball with its exoskeleton protecting it, much like an armadillo or pill bug.

Future Rockhounds of America (FRA) Badge Categories and Incentives

(your illustrious leader just noticed these)

“Future Rockhound”- all junior members of the Delaware Mineralogical Society are automatically enrolled in the national Future Rockhounds of America program and can receive the Future Rockhounds of America patch (just ask Mary Ann if you have not received one).  You are at the future rockhound “level” while earning your first 5 badges.

“Full Rockhound”: junior members graduate to the FRA Honor Roll when they complete 6 of the 20 badges available in the program.  To recognize this accomplishment, they receive a Rockhound Badge and their names are posted on the honor roll within the AFMS website:

“Rock Star”:  Youth who complete all 20 badges are awarded an enameled AFMS cloisonné pin, and are listed here,   as an AFMS/FRA Rock Star!

Remember that you can work on and complete these badges on your own without attending formal Blue Rocker meetings.  Mary Ann has to handle the badge application paperwork for you, but please feel free to work on activities with parents, grandparents, and other helpful rockhounds! 


Blue Rocker Assistant Wanted!  All club positions are required to have and work with an assistant.  Let me know if you would be able to help out Mary Ann as Assistant Junior Programs Chair.

This club is open to youth members of the Delaware Mineralogical Society. If you aren’t a member yet, it’s easy to join. Follow this link to the club membership form. For more information about the Blue Rockers Program or the club meetings contact Junior Program Chair Mary Ann Levan at

You may find photos and special details, as they develop, on our club's Facebook page.