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Avondale Quarry (Wilkinson Quarry), Avondale, PA


Field Collecting Trip
Saturday, April 29, 2017
9 am - 1 pm

This is a field collecting trip to the Wilkinson Quarry in nearby Avondale, Pa. If you’ve travelled north on Rte 41 anytime these past several years you’ve undoubtedly seen excavations on the Avondale anticline. The west end excavations are the Wilkinson Quarry, the middle-east end an airport expansion. This quarry is in the same formation as the D’Amico and Rotunno Quarries we’ve visited these past 2 years. To my knowledge, the Wilkinson Quarry has never been collected by a mineral club, though there have been sporadic reports of individuals visiting the property. We can expect to find both Wissahickon gneiss and pegmatite rocks and minerals including feldspar, mica, quartz, large almandine garnets and schorl tourmaline.

This is a working quarry and full safety gear will be required: leather boots, hard had, long pants, safety vest and safety glasses. I will visit the quarry the day before the trip and ‘rope’ off areas that are ‘no access’; these areas will be marked on a map you will receive the morning of the trip.

All participants must sign a ‘waiver of liability’ releasing Wilkinson Builders and Technivate, Inc from all liability.

This trip is open to all DMS members, as well as members of invited ‘sister’ mineral clubs. There is no age restriction. Minors must be closely attended by their adult sponsor (parent, grandparent or guardian). We’re not presently limited to a particular number of attendees, but if sign-ups get into the 30+ range, I’ll have to get an OK from the owner. If participation does become limited, participants will be selected on a first come-first serve basis.

I will send final details, liability waiver, directions and where to park, site map, etc. to registered participants the week before the trip.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me by email. I will reply with a confirmation. If you do not get the reply email, please contact me again.

If you are interested, please get back to me via email at: --Tom Pankratz