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Big Brook, NJ (Fossil Shark's Teeth, and more!)

This is a Junior Members fieldtrip.

The Delaware Mineralogical Society (DMS) has just started a youth rockhounding club called the DMS Blue Rockers.  This club will be doing lots of interesting and exciting things - the first one being a field trip to the Big Brook Fossil location in Monmouth County, NJ.  This site is popular and youth friendly for collecting fossil shark teeth and other fossils.  For a great write up about Big Brook, check this website that has full details about the collecting locality.  Read through it to see what you can find and how to prepare.  Collecting is in a stream, so close toed creek shoes are a must.  Old sneakers or boots are the best bet.


Blue Rockers Important Details

Blue Rockers are youth members of DMS.  If you or someone you know (individual or household) would like to join the club in this outing and is not a member, it is easy to get a membership in DMS (see attached application & membership categories).  The membership fee will be half price since they are joining DMS at midyear.  Please adhere to the rules of the membership categories when getting a membership.  The membership form and payment can be brought the day of the outing or can be sent beforehand to the Membership Chair, Robert Ehrlich, whose address is on the form.


Youth members on the field trip must also have an accompanying adult who is a DMS member.


Adult members with no accompanying youth member are also welcome to come and help.


 All members of the club (both senior and junior) who are attending a field trip must sign a DMS waiver form.  This form is kept by the club and is good for future field trips.   


Logistics of the Big Brook Outing


The field trip is on Tuesday,  August 4, 2015.  Attendees will meet at 10 am at the Woodrow Wilson rest stop on the NJ turnpike; this rest stop is between Exits 7 & 7A.   From there we will drive to the site which is about 20 minutes away. 


The contact person for this field trip is Mary Ann Levan, DMS Junior Chairperson   302 757-4468.   Please email her to sign up.  The trip leader is Elaine Kipp, DMS member, who has been there many times.


For those who are interested, we will go to a park afterwards in nearby Freehold, where we will have a picnic with watermelon, drinks and snacks for everyone that comes.  It can be a show and tell of what we found.  Please let Mary Ann know if you will be interested in the picnic.


The last time DMS was at Big Brook was many, many years ago and we all found something.  We are really excited about this first field trip for our new Blue Rockers.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at my email address.



Teddi Silver


Delaware Mineralogical Society


Blue Rockers Fieldtrip Report, August 4, 2015

Elaine Kipp, Trip Leader

The first field trip for the Blue Rockers was held on Tuesday August 4. A group of 19 including 9 juniors met on the New Jersey turnpike and proceeded in caravan to Big Brook. My special thanks to Mary Ann Levan for her help.


(More photos by Teddi Silver on our DMS Facebook Page

The day was hot!
The water was cold.
The kids were focused.
We climbed down a rope to get to the stream.
The watermelon was sweet. It was great.

We sifted and found many interested things. Finds included sharks teeth, Cephalapods, fossil shells and a suspected part of a birds claw. The kids (young and older) were so engaged that we forgot lunch until late. Several young people asked to return the next day. One father who was not on the trip sent an e-mail thanking us for a fun day for his family. We are all eager to see what the club will offer next.