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D'Amico Quarry, PA


October 15: D'Amico Quarry, PA.

Delaware Mineralogical Society
Field Collecting Trip
D’Amico Quarry

When: Saturday, October 15 from 9:00am to noon.

The D’Amico quarry is located in nearby Avondale, Pa. It’s in the Wissahickon formation, on the south side of the ridge that runs from Kennett Square to Avondale, along Baltimore Pike. It is an active quarry for construction stone, and most noted for Avondale Brownstone. Other types of rocks in the quarry include schist and gneiss.

A variety of metamorphic minerals may be found here including quartz, feldspar, pyrite, schorl tourmaline and garnets. Though not common, garnets as big as walnuts have been found. Collecting is primarily walking about and looking for specimens lying in the soil, but there is big rock here and some specimens may require hammer and chisel.

This field collecting trip is for members of the Delaware Mineralogical Society and members of invited clubs. Children are allowed when supervised by an adult.

Required: Safety glasses and sturdy, closed-toe shoes
Recommended: Gloves, hard hat and safety vest

Collecting Equipment
Rock hammer and chisels
Sledge hammer
Buckets, backpack, or boxes
Rake or hoe

Please contact Tom Pankratz by email if you wish to attend this collecting trip. I will return an email confirming your registration.

Tom Pankratz
VP Field Trips