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Symposium 2017

Timothy H. Folkomer, Ph.D.

Geologist, Science Teacher (Retired)

Abstract: 'Dinosaur National Monument'

Dinosaur National Monument is a vast stretch of federally-protected land which straddles two states: Colorado and Utah. Visiting this site almost amounts to a pilgrimage to fossil enthusiasts and paleontologists, alike.

With over 800 paleontological study sites, this Jurassic 'park' hosts the remains of a variety of 150 myo sauropods.

Join "Doc" Folkomer for a fun tour of this historic landmark. See photos and likely specimens of ancient beasts which roamed the now arid landscape. On October 4, 2017, the Monument will celebrate it's 102nd birthday.

Afterwards, the "Doc" has offered to assist students in their identification of minerals and fossils that they might bring to the talk.

Panoramic view of Green River Canyon at Dinosaur National Monument

Tim Folkomer

Abydosaurus, artist's conception


"Doc" Folkomer is a retired science teacher at Penn Wood East Junior High School in Yeadon, Pennsylvania. He also taught an adult Bible class at the Covenant United Methodist Church in Springfield, PA.

Timothy H. Folkomer received his B.A. degree in geology with honors from Franklin and Marshall College; his ED.M. in Science Education, and his ED.D. in Science Education from Temple University, and is actively involved in earth science research projects which involve the outdoors and his students. He has taught at Lansdowne-Aldan Junior-Senior High School.

He also had an interest just over three years ago in waiting to win free donuts by 'camping' outside of his local Krispy Kreme. He donated most of his winnings to charity.

In 2015, he had given a similar talk for the Delaware County Institute of Science. He was the 2000 Recipient of the Delaware County Community College 'Educational Foundation Part-Time Faculty Award'.


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