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Symposium 2017

Stanley A. Mertzman, Ph.D.

Professor of Geology, Franklin & Marshall University

Abstract: 'How Earth Works: Focusing on Volcanoes and Earthquakes'

Earth is a dynamic planet. Its surface is characterized by approximately a dozen large slabs of rock known as lithospheric plates, each 10 to 200 kilometers thick, that move primarily in a horizontal manner. These plates interact with bordering slabs of rock in three distinct ways, setting the stage for both earthquakes and volcanoes. A pictorial guide through the surface features produced along these three types of plate boundaries will be provided along with a lively narrative.

Atop Kilauea Volcano with Mauna Loa Volcano in background, Hawaii (Photo by S. Mertzman)

Dr. Stan Mertzman, Professor, Franklin & Marshall
(Photo by F & M)

Dr. Mertzman lecturing at F & M
(Photo by F & M)


Dr. Stanley A. Mertzman, the Earl D. Stage and Mary E. Stage Professor of Geosciences, Department of Earth and Environment, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA. While at F&M College for the past 40+ years he has won the Lindback Award for excellence in teaching and the Dewey Award for excellence in research, one of a very small group of faculty to have won both awards.

Ph.D. 1972, Case-Western Reserve University
M.S. 1970, Case-Western Reserve University
B.S. 1967, University of Dayton

Research includes the study of volcanoes in the western United States and applications of analytical geochemistry to a wide variety of geologic problems. Current projects include study of the eruptive and petrogenetic histories of volcanoes in that part of Oregon which stretches south from Crater Lake NP to Mount Shasta in northern California as well as volcanoes in southcentral Colorado. Also working with Dr. Dick Morris of NASA-Houston, helping to better calibrate the spectrometers on-board the Mars Pathfinder space vehicle. Lastly, working with Dr. Ching-Ying Lan of the Institute for Earth Sciences at the Academica Sinica in Taiwan on the origin of granitic rocks in southeast Asia, particularly in northern Vietnam and southeastern China.


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