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Symposium 2017

Sandy Schenck, P. G.

Geologist, Delaware Geological Survey

Abstract: 'What’s Under the Coastal Plain and How That Might Change the look of the Delaware Piedmont Bedrock Map'

Professional Geologist Sandy Schenck has worked to add value to our Delaware Geological Survey for many years now. Expert in Piedmont Province geology, Sandy tells our ancient story with modern flair. Scientific enough a discussion for scientists, yet basic enough for school students, who have recently studied earth science, this presentation is sure to please.

With up-to-the-minute research, Sandy and his colleagues are rewriting the geologic map, so that we may better understand what is under our feet in the Diamond State.

So, please do join us for a talk that is both informative and fun!

Piedmont Prospector Train Excursion

Direct from the Wilmington & Western Railroad on Greenbank Road, Wilmington, Delaware, you can take a trip into Delaware's geologic present and past with host Sandy Schenck. As an educational outreach for the Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware, and the Railroad, Sandy educates in a fun manner about our First State's rocks, and more.

DMS has participated in this fieldtrip a few times over the past decade, and our Members and Guests have thoroughly enjoyed it. Having a professional geologist, who is an published expert on Delaware's history, adds depth to the experience.

"Explore the geologic history of the Delaware Appalachian Piedmont, which contains rock dating from 440 million back to 1.2 billion years ago. Delaware Geologic Survey scientist William "Sandy" Schenck, P.G., will lead you on a 4-hour round-trip tour up the line and will discuss how these rocks came to be. Several stops will be made along the trip to get up close with geology. You'll even have an opportunity to pan for garnets in the Red Clay Creek!" --Wilmington & Western Railroad website

Generalized Geologic Map of New Castle County, Delaware, DGS, 2000

Sandy Schenck, Official DGS Photo

Official logo, the Delaware Geological Survey


William "Sandy" Schenck joined Delaware Geological Survey in 1981 and has a M.S. degree in Geology. Mr. Schenck's principal research interests are Delaware Piedmont Geology. Mr. Schenck serves as a Professional Board Member on the Delaware Board of Professional Geologists.

Mr. Schenck also serves as Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee for the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG). He actively participates in ASBOG activities that maintain the ASBOG national geology examinations used for licensure of professional geologists.

Mr. Schenck is the author of over 20 published papers and has conducted many talks and workshops for schools and community organizations. He has been a member of university M.S. committees and has supervised numerous DGS undergraduate assistants.

Mr. Schenck holds a secondary appointment as Associate Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.


William 'Sandy' Schenck Official Profile, Delaware Geological Survey
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'Piedmont Prospector' Special Excursion, Wilmington & Western Railroad

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