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Symposium 2017

Karenne Snow

Geologist, Naturalist, Teacher, Author, and Guide

Abstract: 'Type Localities for Minerals'

Simply put, a 'type locality' is the site from which a mineral was first identified. A nearby example would be 'Eastonite' from Easton, Pennsylvania. And fortunately, we can still collect specimens from the C. K. Williams Quarry nestled along the Delaware River. Karenne mentions this locality in her book 'Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey'.

As a naturalist, teacher, and geologist, Karenne pools from decades of experience to share about such places in her 2017 Symposium presentation.

Karenne Snow (Photo by Marie Gilbert)

Karenne Snow at a book signing

Gem Trails book


Karenne Snow studied geology at Rutgers after having explored the subject while attending high school in Oklahoma. She has held many posts for nature and earth-science related organizations, such as the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia Mineralogical Society, and Burlington County Natural Sciences Club.

As a career teacher and naturalist, Karenne has inspired enthusiasts of all ages in their quest for learning about our planet. As an author, she has helped teachers and hobbyists by authoring the 'Resource Guide to Earth Sciences' and 'Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey'. As a guide, Karenne has led countless fieldtrips, her most recent with Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures. And, as a speaker, she has instructed on the subject of geology and birding for interested groups over the years. DMS was fortunate to have her speak a couple of years ago, and now at our 2017 Symposium.


Gem Trails of Pennsylvania and New Jersey by Scott Stepanski & Karenne Snow
'Most prolific type localities' at
'Minerals and Their Localities' by Jan H. Bernard and Jaroslav Hyršl (free PDF)
'Eastonite' at

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