Delaware mineralogical society

A Delaware 501(c)(3) non-profit earth-science educational organization



DMS Resources

A compendium of online resources

Eastern Federation of Mineralogical & Lapidary Societies (EFMLS)
American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS)


Delaware Museum of Natural History
Delaware Geological Survey
Iron Hill Science Center
University of Delaware Mineralogical Museum
University of Delaware Geology Department
University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean & Environment
University of Delaware Geology Club
Archaeological Society of Delaware

Piedmont Prospector, Wilmington & Western Railroad
DMS Lapidary Program Page

Club Forms & Documents

DMS Membership Form (.pdf) 

2019 Show Program

Ross Elliott's 'Mineral Identification' slideshow in PDF format, 3-11-2019

2018 Holiday Party RSVP Form (.docx)
2018 Holiday Party RSVP Form (PDF)  

DMS March 2019 Show Printable Coupons (.pdf)

DMS Members Auction Information Page

Junior Booth Volunteer Signup Sheet (PDF)

DMS March Show 2019 Exhibit Entry Form (.pdf)

DMS March Show 2019 Exhibit Entry Form (.docx)

DMS Library List (.xlsx)

Tip for Preparing an Exhibit Case Pamphlet (.pdf)

DMS Specimen Label Template (Word)

DMS Reimbursement Form (printable)

DMS Reimbursement Form (Excel)

DMS 2019 March Show Poster in Blue (.pdf)

DMS 2019 March Show Poster in Red (.pdf)

DMS Sound System Setup Instructions (.pdf)

DMS Library Listings (Excel)

Online Resources

MapMuse's Rock Clubs Interactive U. S. Map
MapMuse's Rock Shops Interactive U. S. Map
Mineral Identification Key
Moh's Scale of Hardness
Geologic Time Scale (USGS)
Minerals Education Coalition
Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements 1
Periodic Table of the Elements
Kreigh's Web Resources Collection for Rockhounds

First State Geology (DGS)
Delaware Piedmont Geology SP20 (.pdf)
Pennsylvania Geology online

Download Public Domain Mineralogy Books!

AAAS ScienceNetLinks on 'Rocks' (Teachers)

Cool Stuff

Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute
Mt. St. Helens Volcano Cam (Forest Service)
USGS Volcano Cams around the world
"The Mysterious Life of Caves" at
GeoAdventures in Delaware (DGS)
Scholastic's Dinosaurs Activities (Teachers)
The Ancient Digger (Dinosaurs, Archaeology)

Petrified Wood article at
Prehistoric Time Line (National Geographic)

For Juniors

Diamond Dan's Web for Young Mineralogists
Dinos for Kids
Your Gemologist “Petrified Wood” for Kids!
Gator Girl Rocks
The Geologic Time Scale for Kids (Printable)
Katelin and Will's Rock, Fossil & Shells Page
AMNH's 'Ology' for Kids
Smithsonian Kids on 'Collecting'

dig’s State-by-State Guide to Archaeology and Paleontology Events for Kids, Families, and Schools